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Lightness and breathability
combined with protection

PMJ has developed a new technology that allows to produce a fabric with Twaron® fibers intertwined with denim.
The result is a single fabric, developed in two different versions, which does not need to be coupled
to the fabric of Twaron® and lining, allowing for an unprecedented fit and lightness.

Lighter, fresher, jeans made with T-Tex Pro®, T-Stretch® and T-Tex® fabrics, thanks to single layer technology,
ensure a more relaxed and agile fit, similar to a second skin, an unprecedented freedom in wearing motorcycle denim,
which is also found in the most sophisticated fits, able to draw unusual silhouettes.
The T-Tex Pro® version obtained an abrasion protection level of 4.4 seconds, like a leather garment,
and falls within the highest safety values ​​(AAA) required by the EN17092 certification for clothing for motorcyclists. The lighter and more elastic T-Stretch® and T-Tex® versions achieved abrasion resistance
3.4 seconds (AA) and 1.9 seconds (A) respectively.