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Time for a change! PMJ has always produced its range of products personally following all the stages of the production process.
This short-range and cutting-edge production system is even more sustainable today, because we believe in the future of Denim
and we want to actively participate in this transmutation. Change begins with your choice.
The choice to understand the importance of a directly controlled supply chain,
the choice to recognize a denim with a superior value, friend of the environment, the choice of preferring a jeans MADE IN ITALY,
with dedication, seriousness but above all with a passion for things done well.

All fabrics

All fabrics used by PMJ are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®.
This certification guarantees the human-ecological safety of textile products and safety for human health.
No pesticides and no chemicals are used.

Italian artisan

All of our jeans are cut, sewn, assembled and washed by small artisans and local companies that we directly control,
that respect high standards of protection for social and environmental norms.

Eco washes

The washing and treatments of the garments are environmentally sustainable, no chemicals that are dangerous for humans and the environment are used.
The laundries we rely on carry out washes and treatments with eco-friendly methods.
Latest generation processes allow you to save up to 40% of water for industrial denim treatments.

Nikel free

Buttons, zips, accessories used in our products are nickel-free and L.I.F.E. certified,
This guarantees a low environmental impact production:
less water; less electricity; less chemical treatments; less residues to dispose of.

Labels and belt

PMJ accessories are free from cruelty, in fact no animals are killed for the tanning of their skins.
The leather used is eco-friendly as it is vegetable tanned leather.