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It differs from all other knitted aramid fabrics due to the particular interweaving of these fibers and the exclusive fixing treatment.
The material obtained from these yarns is very compact, maintains its breathability and resistance to abrasion and cutting,
is much higher than other fabrics - even in "Kevlar" type aramid fiber - on the market .
At PMJ we are the only company that carries out abrasive and cut resistance tests on the materials used
according to the European standard EN13595, which certifies technical clothing for professional bikers.

In this way we guarantee you comparable values ​​known all over the world.

Twaron® is an innovative fiber with very high protection:
guarantees high resistance to heat, to cutting,
no melting point and very low flammability.
We at PMJ have chosen the
type Twaron® for our products ballistic, the same used in the production of bulletproof vests.
Impact abrasion resistance: 8 seconds (CE EN13595-2)
Certification body: Ricotest
Impact abrasion: 8 seconds (CE EN13595-2)
Notify Body: Ricotest