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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of application.
1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) consist of contractual terms that apply exclusively to purchases of catalog products offered for sale on the website owned and operated by Domino Creations s.r.l. owner of the PMJ brand (the "Seller"), a company incorporated under Italian law, C.F. IT02544010412, registered with the Companies Register on 11/04/2014 no. REA PS - 190421; having its registered office in Italy, in Sant'Angelo in Vado (61048 PU), via Vito Massani s.n.c. (Zona Industriale) and email address:

1.2 Domino Creations s.r.l. invites Customers who wish to make purchases of products shown in special sheets published on to read these GTC.

2. Conclusion of the contract and delivery of products.

2.1 The purchase of products on is completed by placing an order by the Customer and involves the conclusion of a contract of sale with the Seller governed by these GTCV, a contract in the Italian language and governed by Italian law.

2.2 The Customer upon registration and access to his personal area, clicking on the "buy now" button can place binding purchase orders with respect to the products selected by him and placed in the virtual cart.

2.3 Once the order has been transmitted, the Seller will send the Customer confirmation of the order in the email box indicated by the Customer in his personal area.

2.4 The purchase and sale contract is concluded between the Seller and the Customer when the latter receives the confirmation email from the Seller. In case of failure to receive the confirmation email, the order shall be deemed to be rejected by the Seller and, therefore, of no effect against the Seller.

2.6 Purchase orders in relation to which advance payment is required will be processed as soon as the Seller receives from the Customer full payment of the purchase price and any shipping costs.

2.7 The Seller therefore invites the Customer to make payment of the price as soon as it receives confirmation of the order and in any case within the next 3 days.

2.8 The delivered products remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the amount indicated in the order placed by the Customer.

2.9. The Seller assumes no responsibility if the products subject to the order are not available for reasons beyond the Seller's control; in this case the Seller shall have no obligation to deliver to the Customer the products ordered by the latter and shall proceed to refund in favor of the Customer any sums already paid by the latter.

2.10 In calculating the time of delivery of products to the Customer, "working days" shall mean Monday through Friday (thus excluding Saturdays and Sundays and other holidays).

3. Product prices, destination, timing and cost of shipments.

3.1 All prices of products offered for sale on are inclusive of VAT, net of shipping costs and any discounts due to promotion codes.

3.2 The Customer is required to pay the total amount indicated in the order summary (including price and shipping costs) viewable on at the time preceding the submission of the order.

3.3 This total amount must therefore be understood as final and inclusive of value added tax.

3.4 Shipping costs are highlighted in the order summary and equally invoiced by the Seller to the Customer.

3.5 The products sold in this portal are delivered throughout Italy by TNT courier.

3.6 The shipment takes place, barring unforeseen circumstances, within 2 working days. Delivery by courier takes place in 24-48 hours. Any delays will be communicated to the Customer, but will not give the Customer the right to cancel the order.

3.7 Shipping costs are free of charge throughout Italy

3.8 Important notice: as soon as the Customer receives the ordered goods, it is the Customer's responsibility to make sure: that the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case conforms to the standard characteristics of a package; that the personalized adhesive tape is intact and not tampered with; that the number of packages indicated on the waybill corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered.

4. Payment.

4.1 Seller accepts the following methods of payment:
- through the Paypal system;
- by credit card.

4.2 The Seller only accepts payments from bank accounts in the territory of the European Union and Switzerland.

4.3 Bank (e.g. commission) or other costs associated with the payments made shall be borne by the Customer.

4.4 In the case of purchases made by credit card, the charge is made when the order is shipped.

4.5 Sales invoices or credit notes are issued by the Seller excluding

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